Family Sharing on the iPad

Family Sharing on the iPad
Before you begin you will need your credit card for verification, and access to your main Apple ID. This should be your own personal Apple ID which will be setup as the "admin" of your family.
1: Open settings on your iPad or iPhone then click on your name / Apple ID

2: Click on "Setup Family Sharing" then "get started"

3: It is important that you memorise this account as it will be the "family organiser". NO ONE should have access to this account aside from you and your spouse.

4: In the following section your will go through settings for your account which will ask you if:

  • You would like to share purchase made on your account with your family members- If you would like to share your location with other members- To verify your account with your Credit Card.
    Please complete these setop to your preference

    5: In the next steps, you will setup your children's account or add an existing account. It will also ask you if you wish to authorise purchases made by your kids, share music and applications with them, and track their location. Please fill it the details to your preference and then sign in to your child's iPad with the newly created account. It would also be wise to write down your child's newly created iTunes account username and password for safe keeping.

    You have now completed family share setup