Checkpoint VPN For CEWA remote

Created by Daniel Sheiles

CEWA VPN Connection Guide

If you would like to remotely access resources such as a shared drive on a server or security systems that aren’t externally accessible you will need to setup VPN access.

First get in contact with your IT support or someone at your school who has elevated IT privileges and can perform tasks such as resetting student passwords, normally this would be a Principal or Assistant principal. You will need to request that you’re given access to use this VPN feature by being added to the ‘RAS users group’.


Remote PC configuration

We will setup the VPN software on your remote PC. Please open a browser and navigate to the below link,

Please download the installer for your operating system, Windows or MacOS. You may have to scroll down on the website.



Once the download has finished please run the installer and accept the default options, as pictured below. Windows 10 screen shots are pictured but the process on MacOS should be very similar.




If you see a security prompt within Windows, please select ‘Yes’. MacOS may require you to enter a login passsword to authorize the changes.


The below screen will require you enter the following server address;


Please select username and password for the authentication method.




Once the installation wizard finishes you may find the screen goes blank.

Please navigate to the task bar at the bottom of the screen and select the ‘show hidden icons’ arrow to display the padlock icon pictured below, please double click on this. Then select ‘Yes’ to the prompt to configure a new site.

On a Apple PC the padlock icon should appear at the top of your screen.




This prompt should appear next, please enter your CEWA username and password.

Once you hit connect the VPN connection should establish.
If it doesn’t please contact us (ITdynamics 1300 200 884) to confirm you have the correct access permissions and the settings configured correctly.