O365 creating App Passwords

Visit https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/AppPasswords.aspx on your laptop and login with your  credentials

Select "Create"

"Name" what you are going to be typing the password in for, ie "iPad Email" and Select "Next"

Keep the password up on your screen! Do not click "Close" yet.

Open the iPad "Settings" and select "Passwords and Accounts"

Select "Add Account" and Select "Exchange"

Type your "Email" and add a "Description". Select "Next"

Select "Configure Manually"

Type the " app password" that you created on your laptop in "Password",  Select Next

Type in the following details

Server – smtp.office365.com
Username – "your email address"
Leave "Domain" empty
Select "Next

Select "Save"

If you get a "Verified Failed" try typing the password from the "app password"(the one on the laptop) again as it's easy to make a mistake.